Portals of Light

Original art by Peter Sterling


‘Portals of Light’, crystal frosted giclee and metallic prints are created by a unique alchemy of stained glass art and digital photography and effects that render beautiful kaleidoscopic, multi layered images that are holographic in nature allowing the viewer to explore and discover hidden passage ways, portals and a host of angelic and celestial beings waiting to reveal themselves. Similar to yantra’s and mandala’s of the yoga and buddhist traditions,the geometry and color of the images emit healing and transformational frequencies and energies that assist the viewer to access multi dimensional states of awareness. By gazing gently upon the images the visual perception of the viewer is expanded and opened into holographic perception. There is evidence that yantra;s and mandalas effect brain wave states that deepen the meditative experience, alter brain chemistry and actually create new neural pathways and synoptic connections. Portals of Light art prints are a gift from the angels here to assist those seeking access to the realms of luminous light and heavenly worlds.

Peter Sterling is best known for his award winning angelic harp music which has touched the hearts and souls of million’s world wide for over 20 years. Many people the world over report beautiful visions, angelic visitations and even miraculous healing’s form Peter’s magical music. He has also been a stained glass artist for over 35 years creating mandala designs utilizing sacred geometry and inlayed with crystals and gemstones. His luminous stained glass creations are in private collections across the US. Guided by angels, Peter discovered a unique technique of photographing and processing his stained glass window images with several layers of kaleidoscopic and prismatic effects which brought forth multiple series of beautiful prismatic images. Each canvas and print is coated with a layer of highest quality Tibetan quartz crystal, amethyst,citrine and rose quartz powder which creates a luminous sparkle and adds to the holographic and energetic quality of each piece.

“I love my new painting! So much energy. It seems to be alive! You get different views every time that you look at it. I am so happy I got this piece!”
~ Greg Schroeder,Normal,Ill.

“I can’t comprehend how these pictures heal but its obvious they have some properties that work on people. I can’t explain it but it is some kind of phenomenon.”
~ Nancy Storer, Albuquerque,N.M

Peter Sterling is a Sedona based artist, musician,author, workshop facilitator and back country guide to the sacred sites of Sedona. You can visit Peter’s music website at www.harpmagic.com

For art sales contact Peter at 928-274-1283



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