Genesis of Portals of Light Crystal Frosted Giclee’s

The genesis of Mandala Magic- Portals of Light began over three years ago as my angel guides revealed to me that in the future I would be creating some sort of art on canvas. As a lifelong artist I am always on the hunt for new ways to express the spirit and dance of light which has dazzled my senses since I was a young boy. Always on the hunt and searching for moments of inspiration, I began to perceive that something was beginning to be revealed to me. This intuitive nudge  from spirit began through a series of Rainbow and prismatic light projections which came through my Stain-glass windows. I began making Stain-glass at 16 years old (I write about this in great detail in my book “Hearing the Angels Sing”). From the beginning I always worked in geometrical kaleidoscopic and Mandala type designs. Eventually I started to inlay crystals and cut gemstones into my Stain-glass templates. Hanging them in the window with the sun light can project through the glass and crystals wonderful rainbow patterns on the walls of the interior space.

It was a beautiful December morning in 2012 with the sunlight hanging low in the sky which allowed it to pierce the Stain-glass window and project rainbow light into our living room. I perceived A beautiful rainbow angel on our wall that was different than anything I had seen before. I perceived this as a divine visitation that had come to us to reveal a divine message to me. This rainbow angel was created by the sunlight shining through four beautifully cut quartz crystal pyramids and a six sided cut star crystal in the middle of a recently created Stain-glass window. As this rainbow angel moved across the wall it evolved and changed into something great and glorious. As I sat with it,it told me that I would be going on a bit of a journey to discover a new artistic inspiration that was welling up from deep inside.

I began to experiment with how this rainbow prismatic light would interact with various crystals and stones. I’ve been aware for many years that perhaps sacred and secret knowledge had been encoded in quartz crystals from ancient times to be discovered sometime in the future. As this was the dawning of a new age and the end of the great cycle of the Mayan calendar, I had a sense that what was coming through was very important for me to discover. I had a sense that some sacred knowledge was being revealed to me through the prismatic light being projected through the Stain-glass and through the various crystals which I experimented  with.  I began to photograph these beautiful light projection and had a sense that perhaps the images that I was receiving might be inspiration for the new art that would be printed on canvas. After several weeks of experimenting with different light projections I decided to photograph my Stained glass windows with my iPad mini that had within it a kaleidoscopic photo effect. I was using the special effect when I had an epiphany that the kaleidoscopic images that I was receiving at that time where the images that would be eventually printed on canvas.

After I received the first series of images printed on stretched canvases the angels revealed to me a unique technique to coat the canvas’s with fine  quartz crystal powder and other gemstone essences. They told me that  coating the canvases with Crystal powder would not only enhance  the images with the beautiful luster and sparkle of Crystal, but would also enhance the energetic qualities of each piece. They told me that because the images were holographic in nature that the Crystal coating would act like a lens for the viewer to perceive the holographic nature of each pattern.

At this time I am the only artist I know that uses this unique technique to coat the canvases with quartz crystal powder!

To experience these art creations firsthand and personally is to allow light to dazzle the eyes with a radiance and luminescence of divine light.

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